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Glorianna, The Chosen World





GCW is currently being revised, so you will only find revised chapters available

a lil' update includes links to indidual chapters; because of the length of later chapters, I will (try to) break them up into smaller chapters...I am considering abandoning the "episode" format, since it really serves no purpose than an extra title to add onto the section of the story.

"Glorianna, The Chosen World" begins three months after the end of Quest For Glory V: Dragon Fire, set on Glorianna, of course. I will not spoil the plot for you , so don't ask, read. Anyway, as mentioned before, this story; in addition to being a QfG fanfic, uses characters/concepts/ideas from Phantasy Star from Sega and DragonBall Z from Akira Toriyama's mind. It also uses widely respected/accepted fantasy ideas/concepts from AD&D.



Contains explicit and descriptive violence, mature content, and disturbing (but not profane) language. More sensitive readers are asked to please not read further (or not complain to me if they do).




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