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To View My Crappy Pencil-Art

You certainly have come to the right place. Okay, each individual piece has some cheesy commentary, but...well, nevermind. All art here has either to do with my story characters (I can't do scenery), or with DragonBall Z characters.

Hmmm, well, IMHO, this is my best ever. Though it may not look too good up on webspace, but it looks great on paper (at least compared to my other stuff). It is Tulwar, BTW; the farthest left, he is firing off a ki-blast (I think it is supposed to be na'thu), looking his usual beat-up self. The one in the middle is him standing there with both zweihanders in his hands, with his clothing a little battle-worn. The one farthest right is a closeup of Tulwar with all of his clothing and equipment intact (a rare sight) and free of blood'n'bruises.

This is a picture I drew because Lord Mcweird nagged me to. It's definitely not my best...

This picture was drawn for Maria from Hero6...I'm a bit proud of the shading, it was when I really started getting somewhat defendably good at shading.

This is a picture of Tulwar from GCW...he looks a lot 'buffer' than I wanted him...but oh well, I got plenty of led left ;)

This is an old computer-colored pic of Tulwar's face. It isn't as good as I had tried for, but oh well.

This is an old picture of...Zakkyurrdai! He's had his clothes shredded by something or other, and his proportion's a bit off...the angle on his arms is horribly done...I spent hours getting his eyebrows right...and you can't even SEE them!

Wanna talk to my hand? Heheh. This is a newer picture of Zakkyurrdai, and, in my opinion, my best-drawn picture ever. Not that that means it's any good in technically speaking, but compared to my other stuff, it's great.

Piccolo; the ultimate definition of all things is cool. He's my favorite character...pity I could not draw him very well. I'll just say it; this pic sucks. The proportion for his arms is off, his posture doesn't look right, and the hanging folds in his pants are way off what they should look like.

Super saiyajin form Vegeta firing a large ki-blast of some sort. This is actually pretty good compared to my other old pictures (this one's a couple years old). However, his 'far' arm is too long and is off its positioning quite a bit, and the way the energy blast is hollow in the middle with that little blue thing in the center just don't look right to me (and I'm the one who drew it...*sigh*).

Super saiyajin form Vegeta...powering up the big-bang-attack. His armor is drawn very badly and his left arm is NOT proportioned anything near correctly.

A really old pic of a younger Vegeta (prolly teens?). Oddly proportioned and his posture's really off, and the glow-highlighting is done pretty badly.

A sketch of an orc...warcraft style...proportioned rather oddly though.

Raditz...somewhat 'de-animed'. I am far from proud of this...the proportion is horrible.

This is what I imagine Zakkyurrdai would look in SSJ4 form (not that he can get there).

Tulwar, beat up as usual. As with my other pic, he looks a bit too much on the large side.

Another newer pic of Zakkyurrdai. Not that it's very good technically speaking, but it is one of my best

It's Kamiken, the Namekusei-jin paladin. It's not too bad for one of my drawings...but he kinda looks to be leaning over to the left (his left, not yours!). So, there is that, and teh fact that his arms just don't look right to me...but other than that, I'm pretty happy with it. The black border is an accident that happened when I scanned this pic and the one after it.

Tulwar, taking off his weights (which are kinda/sorta attached to his cape, just like Piccolo's *G*) and baldrics/belt (to which his swords are attached). Like the previous drawing (the one of Kamiken) this one has the guy leaning over to his left (our right), making him look oddly slanted. I finally drew him with the kind of proportion (he isn't too large or too small) that I wanted...but now his head is too big, and that makes him look like a small child or something...*sigh* I wouldn't be drawing if I didn't enjoy it so much. Oh, yes...I scanned this one along with the Kamiken pic, and ended up with the black bordering thing...hope it doesn't mess with the picture too much.

A comp-colored full-view pic of Tulwar...the color's all well and good, but the proportion is way off.