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DragonBall Z

I've already said all that needs saying, let's get on to the good stuff!


Power Level (Battle Power, whatever)


Arrival Of Raditz

Son Gokuu: 330(normal)----------416(without weighted clothes)-----------710(maximum battle power)----------1,000(kamehame ha)

Piccolo: 322(normal)----------408(without weighted clothes)-----------700(maximum battle power)----------1,330(makankousappo)----------1,440(special makankousappo)

Son Gohan: 1(normal)----------710(when frightened/excited)----------1,500(very angry)

Raditz: 1,200

Farmer with gun: 5

Krillin: 206

Tienshinhan: 250

Yamcha: 170

Chaotzu: 149

Rhoshi: 139


One Year Of Training

Son Gokuu: 500(on snake way)----------1,000(with the magic fruit thing)----------600(arrived at Kaiousama's planet)----------7,600(finished training with Kaiousama)

Piccolo: 1,000(after split-form training)----------1,600(finished training Gohan)

Gohan: 600(when beginning training with Piccolo)----------6,000(first oohzaru transformation)----------9,500(second oohzaru transformation)----------1,200(finished training under Piccolo)

Krillin: 412(in room of spirit and time)----------1,200(finished with Kamisama training)

Tien: 500(in room of spirit and time)----------1,100(finished with Kamisama training)

Yamcha: 340(in room of spirit and time)----------1,100(finished with Kamisama training)

Chaozu: 298(in room of spirit and time)----------1,000(finished with Kamisama training)

Saiyajin in room of spirit and time: 2,000 each


The Arrival of Vegeta and Nappa

Sai-bai-men: 1,200 each

Yamcha: 800(minimum)----------1,200(maximum)-----------1,350(kamehame ha)

Krillen: 1,100(minimum)----------1,350(maximum)----------2,000; splits into 5 separate 1,400 blasts(kakusan attack)

Tienshinhan: 1,200(minimum)----------1,815(maximum)----------2,900(mega-kikouhou)

Chaozu: 710(minimum)----------1,150(maximum)----------2,000(self-destruct)

Son Gohan: 1,000(minimum)----------1,900(maximum)----------3,000(angry masenko attack)----------2,800(healed by senzu bean after being beat up by Nappa)----------28,000(oohzaru against Vegeta)

Piccolo: 1,400(minimum)----------3,200(maximum)

Nappa: 4,000(without powering up)----------7,200(power amassed)

Vegeta: 18,000(normal)----------20,000(powered up)----------44,000(gyaritsuwahou wave)----------180,000(oohzaru form)

Son Gokuu: 5,000(normal)----------10,000(powered up)----------14,000(kaiouken attack)----------18,000(double kaiouken attack)----------22,000(triple kaiouken attack)----------26,000(quadruple kaiouken attack)----------44,000(triple kaiouken+kamehame ha)----------52,000(quadruple kaiouken+kamehame ha)

Yajirobe: 1,000

Kaiousama: 4,000


Frieza Saga

Frieza's Henchmen

Khaiyuwu: 18,500

Dodoria: 22,000

Zarbon: 23,000(form #1)----------30,000(form #2)

Frieza's soldiers: 500-2,000


Ginyew Force

Captain Ginyew: 30,000(minimum)----------120,000(maximum)

Recoome: 35,000

Jeice: 34,000

Bahrta: 34,000

Goouldo: 13,250


The Nameks

Nail: 30,000(minimum)----------42,000(at first against Frieza)----------200,000(maximum)

Village warriors: 1,000(minimum)---------3,000(maximum)

Three nameks who attack Frieza at namek elder's place: 30,000 each

Saityouruu (namek elder): 2,000

Dende: 10


Good Guys

Piccolo: 50,000(when he fights Yamcha, Tien, and Chaozu)----------400,000(arrival on namek)----------800,000(after merging with Nail)----------1,200,000(maximum against Frieza)

Krillen: 100(minimum)----------1,600(maximum)----------16,000(hidden power released)

Son Gohan: 100(minimum)----------3,200(maximum)----------32,000(hidden power released)----------96,000(healed after fighting Recoome)----------200,000(healed after Frieza blast)----------1,000,000(angry, fighting against Frieza when he thinks Gokuu is dead)

Yamcha: 10,000(when he fights Piccolo)----------42,000(against Ginyew force at end of Kaiousama's training)

Tien: 18,000(when he fights Piccolo)----------70,000(against Ginyew force at end of Kaiousama's training)----------35,000 each (split-form twins)

Chaozu: 5,000(when he fights Piccolo)----------20,500(against Ginyew force at end of Kaiousama's training)

Vegeta: 10,000(minimum at first)----------24,000(against Khaiyuwu)----------27,000(maximum; used against Zarbon in first battle)----------32,000(healed after Zarbon battle)----------33,000(powered up against Recoome)----------99,000(minimum power after being healed from Recoome battle)----------660,000(maximum power against Captain Ginyew and Jeice)----------1,800,000(healed after Frieza's attack)



Son Gokuu:

5,000(far below true minimum, power hidden)

180,000(maximum against Captain Ginyew and Ginyew Force)



500,000(powered down and 'playing' with Frieza)

1,000,000(non-kaiouken maximum)

1,400,000(kaiouken attack against 50% Frieza)

1,800,000(double kaiouken attack against 50% Frieza)

2,200,000(triple kaiouken attack against 50% Frieza)

4,750,000(twenty times kaiouken attack against 50% Frieza)

6,000,000( Super Saiyajin Son Gokuu)






530,000(battle form one)

1,060,000(battle form two)

1,590,000(battle form three)

2,000,000(battle form four against Vegeta, Son Gohan, Krillen, and Piccolo)

500,000(battle form four, at 1% power, 'playing' with Gokuu; the numbers must work in a strange way because if I did the math the 'correct' way and he was at 1% power he would be at 50,000; weaker than Gohan, but Gohan claimed he couldn't see their movements, if anyone out there has any info on how exactly this all works feel free to let me in on it, but this is as low a I was willing to take the number)

2,500,000(battle form four at 50% power)

5,000,000(perfect Frieza; battle form four at 100% power)