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The Cave Of A Purple Guy

A Purple Guy...Named...Zakkyurrdai

Who is humble in his heart because he knows

That he is completely without talent of any form




I got my guestbook from this cool place:


Okay, enough of that whacked stuff. The purposes of this page:



That's right, art. Don't laugh, I like to draw. All the art you will see here is MINE. It is all drawn by ME. Got it? I DON'T STEAL ART! Okay, now that that is cleared up...


The art I create is almost always drawn and colored by pencils. Once in every great a while, however, I will take this art, scan it, and fix it up with digital effects/computer graphics via the point-click-drag method (which takes several hours). I am not very good at this, nor do I enjoy it in most cases, so it IS very rare.


Anyway, the art you will see will probably either be based on my stories "Glorianna, The Chosen World" and "In The Dark Reaches". Because of this, some of the art may be of characters from Sierra's "Quest for Glory" seeing as those are both fanfics of QfG. Also, I love the anime called DragonBall Z, and so you will find much of my art is of DBZ characters/concepts (like an average saiyajin joe). The remainder of my art will either be Phantasy Star (a game series from Sega) related or be related to nothing at all except my strange imagination.

My Art Gallery



That's right, I write. I'm really not very good at it, but you have to like my work anyway because I said so (just kidding). Anyway, check it out if you want. I write a story called "Glorianna, The Chosen World", which is a fanfic of Sierra's Quest For Glory, Sega's Phantasy Star, and DragonBall Z, which was created by that genius Akira Toriyama, and also has many basic-fantasy concepts that are popular in AD&D and such. Also, I write a companion piece to my disaster of a story; GCW, called "In The Dark Reaches". You can read them both separately, or you can read them together as is intended, your choice. Following the GCW episodes, you will eventually come to links to the parallel chapters of IDR.


"Glorianna, The Chosen World"

"In The Dark Reaches"


And I have the works of a few other guys too. These works are here by their permission/request. The work of Shamhain13 and QfGKid are both fanfics of Quest For Glory. The work of Lord Mcweird is his original story (at least I believe so...).


Shamhain13's Unnamed Quest For Glory Fanfic

It looks pretty good so far. Poor guy is kept too busy by school to write more at the moment, but I assure you that as soon as he gets another chapter to me I'll have it up here. It's really too short for me to give you the basics of a plot or anything or my opinions, it's just not far enough along.


QFGKid's "Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School"

A nice little short story set in the world of Quest For Glory, about a couple of adventurers on their quest to find F.A.C.S. It's pretty well written if QFGKid truly is as young as he tells me. Nice work there.


Lord McWeird's "The Portal"

A good story so far. Again, it is not far enough along for me to give much commentary. Also, there you can check out some weird picture that Lord McWeird nagged me for the longest time to draw for him.


DragonBall Z

*happy and wondrous gasp of a sigh* This is the ultimate of all anime. It is the greatest of all action-oriented animation ever created, even. Heck, this may just be the best action-oriented ANYTHING ever created. And, even though Akira Toriyama is not a novelist or anything, his works have inspired my writing style more than anything else. Not only is the action awesome, but the whole character-development gets pretty deep. It gets very touching at moments, but never gets soggy. And, to one who has never experienced a particular episode, there are usually surprises hidden somewhere. All in all, I love both the style and the story itself; truly this is the greatest of all anime.


Anyway, my page contains power level information and will grow to include character information. You will keep in mind that I am basing this page on the American version of DBZ, but am using the Japanese storyline. This means that I try to keep it as accurate as possible to what I know of the Japanese version, but will not go beyond the Frieza saga. Oh, and I may just eventually put up some info on a wonderful game for Super Famicom (Super Nintendo) called Legend of the Super Saiyajin, a DBZ rpg. I have read a walkthrough (after I played the game through of course), and I discovered that I knew some secrets of the game (that I found accidentally) that the author of the walkthrough did not. And so, I will reveal them to those who want to know. Without further wasteful words, here is my DBZ page.


DragonBall Z Page