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This is the work of Shamhain13. He is new to writing fiction (or so he tells me), but has quite some potential as you will probably be able to tell from his work.


King elsa sat on her throne in the hall of king's after a long day. She had negotiated a permanent peace treaty with the tritons that day, along with some tax problems. She was just thinking about it when a guard proceeded to her throne. He bowed to her and started to take out a piece of paper.

"Elsa, I have received a message from one of the guards in the lower ranks. He says that a strange man has been walking the streets. No one has ever seen him before, and anyone who tries to talk to him is always turned down with a small shove".

The guard, who's name was Garlian, was pretty tall, and unlike the other guards, he had a red shield, and fine chain mail armor. He was Elsa's personal guard and messanger. His face was stern, but his attitude was somewhat non-serious. Elsa sometimes asked him to make jokes when she was in a bad mood.

"Hmmm, what was the man wearing?"

"Reports say that he is dressed in a black cloak , with red pants and a hood. They say all he ever does is just pace around Silmaria" Garlian stated.

"Ok. Unfortunately, we can't really do anything about it, since he has not broken any laws. However, We can aways send someone to try and find out more on this particular person," Elsa told him.

She got off of her throne and moved to the center of the room, with Garian following. A wooden table sat there.On it was a list of the silmarian guards of in order of rank. Elsa paged through a little and scanned until she found the name of the person she was looking for.

"ok, there he is. Arlen, the hero of 4 lands. He is my, how shall I see, secret guard. Only I know about his connections with me, and now so do you. Leave a message for him in the tavern explaining the job. Put it under the table nearest to the betting board. He is the one who helped with my peace treaty about 3 days ago."

"Right away, Elsa," He bowed and started towrds his room in the hall of kings.

Elsa decided it was time to go to bed. She made her way to her room, but was stopped short when she heard some ruffling outide of the window a couple feet where she was. She looked, but couldn't see anything.

"Great, now i'm paranoid" She said as she went into her room. Although she could have sworn she saw a dark shape pass the window as she shut the door to her room.


3 Days Earlier

Arlen awoke early in the morning. He slowly got up and immediately went to put on his clothes. He was Surprisingly energetic today, for he had been given an assignment by Elsa the night before. He was supposed to try and find out if he can pose a permanent peace treaty with the tritons.

"Ok, now where did i put my water breathing amulet..... ahh, here it is." Arlen said as he walked out of his room at gnome ann's land in.

"good mornin sunshine! how'd ya sleep last night?" Ann said as he walked down the stairs.

"Very well, thank you. What's for breakfast?"

"The cooks and I decided to make a very special meal....... Ham and cheese balogna surprise!!!!" She said as she went back into the kitchen to get the food.

"Hmmmm, sounds great" Arlen mumbled sarcastically under his breath.

Minutes later, he exited the inn. The meal was somewhat.....Ok it basically was horrible, but he didn't care that much. Immediately, he made his way to the docks, greeting everyone he passed in Silmaria. Soon, he found himself facing Andre's empty boat.

"Hmmm, where did he go?" Arlen asked aloud. That's when he noticed that he was the only person in the area.... except for a black cloaked man walking down the shore.

"Greetings, sir. Fine day, is it not?" Arlen greeted. But the man had nothing to say, and all he did was push Arlen out of his way.

"Well, good day to you, too" and walked over to the gate's next to the inn.

"Hello, Arlen, where ya be adventurin today?" The guard at the top of the porticuls asked. He was dressed in the same guard fashion. But this man had one of his eyes not working, due to some virus he caught in the East Fricana jungles.

"No where in particular, today, jobey" he lied as the gates raised.

Arlen started to walk to his balloon hiding place where he hid his gondola. The forest seemed pretty stirring today, and he could hear many creatures as he walked. suddenly, from nowhere, a tall black creature jumped in front of Arlen.

He had grotesque features, like his extremely long nose, 3 red eyes, and his 5 arms. The strangest thing Arlen had ever seen. Instinctively, he pulled out his sword.... the thing jumped as if to attack, but Arlen was too quick, and easily stuck the sword into the things stomach after dodging it. The creature seemed like it didn't even feel it, and kept trying to dig it's claws into Arlen's flesh.

Arlen kept on stabbing the thing, until he realized it was doing absolutely nothing. In a clean slice, he cut the things head off, only to see that he grew another head in a snap.

"What are you???" Arlen said as he jumped back, but the only answer he got was about 5 more things jumping at him from the forest. Arlen fought hard, but couldn't seem to dent the things. Suddenly, without warning, about 15 more creatures jumped out attacking Arlen. The last thing he saw was a black cloak.... before he blacked out.

MORE IS ON THE WAY (i hope!!!!!!) Remember, this is the work of Shamhain13, I am in no way attempting to take credit for this story. I have his sincere permission to put this here.